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[pi-form-show id=”recrutement” callback=”/en/thank-you/” emails=”kiosque@marchespublics-mtl.com”] Your contact information :
$ Adress
$ $ $ Phone
$ Email
Your business profile :
$ Fruits and vegetables
$ Meat
$ Fishing or aquaculture
$ Food processing
$ Food service
What is the name of your business (or businesses, if you are submitting your request in association with others)?
$ Your business’s website address:
$ In which administrative area is your company located?
In which of the following markets would you like to sell your products?
Jean-Talon Market
Atwater Market
Maisonneuve Market
Lachine Market
Neighbourhood markets (near certain métro stations or in certain parks or public squares)
Which product(s) do you wish to sell in a public market? (Specify the variety (or varieties) of fruits and vegetables, the type of cuisine, the range of processed foods, etc.)
$ What distinguishes your products and your business from the competition?
$ How often will the owner(s) of the business be onsite to sell your products?
$Less than half the time the business is open
$More than half the time the business is open
$All the time
Will this be the only place you will sell your products in Montréal?
$yes $no
If not, where else will you sell your products?
What is the surface area you are seeking?
Minimum square footage
$ Maximum square footage

What kind of infrastructure do you need?
$ Water Outlet
$ Electrical Outlet
$ Awning
$ Other
In which months do you wish to sell your products in a public market?
$ January
$ February
$ March
$ April
$ May
$ June
$ July
$ August
$ September
$ October
$ November
$ December
On which days do you wish to sell your products in a public market?
$ Monday
$ Tuesday
$ Wednesday
$ Thursday
$ Friday
$ Saturday
$ Sunday
Do you have experience in selling products in public or farmers’ markets?
Avez-vous une expérience de commercialisation en marché public ou marché fermier ?
$yes $no
If yes, please provide the length of time (in months) and the names of the market(s).
What is the projected purchase budget per client and per visit?
$Less than $10
$Between $15 and $20
$Between $20 and $40
$More than $50
Are you interested in sharing a stand? (This could involve alternating different days of the week or times of day with the other business.
How many people are employed by your business?
$Fewer than 5 people
$Between 5 and 10 people
$Between 10 and 20 people
$More than 20 people
How many years has your business been in operation?
$Less than one year
$Between 1 and 2 years
$Between 2 and 5 years
$Between 5 and 10 years
$More than 10 years
How did you hear about our recruitment platform?
$ Social media
$ Internet site
$ A current member of Montreal’s Public Markets
$ From mouth to ear
$ Press conference
$ Other
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